New season, training starts...

New season is getting under way so we are starting again with training on 5th September 2019, normal Chessington venue and timing 20:00 - 22:00.

Fixtures and teams are yet to be finalised but training is open for all to come along, join in have fun and improve.

SEVA 2019

This season we finished 3rd in the league just missing out on the official SEVA invite, fortunately for us Richmond weren't up for the event and we got an invite after all.

New season 2018/19 and training...

With the new season fast approaching indoor training will be starting again this Thursday 6th Sep at 20:00. Everybody is welcome and encouraged to come, the teams are always stronger when the players train regularly together.

We don't have fixtures for the new season yet but we have had confirmation our entries are in the Surrey League with 1 team in Div 1 and 2 teams in Div 2.

Summer training

We had a blast at our last session before the summer break, working on our blocking and running fast attacks.

We'll be back in action on 6th September - see you there!